"particle flash -- serial" usually fails on Electron

What is the code used for doing the Serial() stuff?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Do you mean what am I using Serial for, or what code am I using?

At the moment I’m just outputting some Serial data for debugging as I go. I do a “Serial.begin(9600);” in setup() and then I print the time in loop()…

hr = Time.hour();
min = Time.minute();

Serial.print("Time: ");

After fixing the serial assignments in my laptop device manager it looks like that problem is fixed as well.

Make sure your user firmware version matches the system firmware version that’s on the device. It shouldn’t ever hurt to particle update to get the latter up to date.

Help me out here. You’re saying the firmware on my Electron should be updated - right? But this must not be the firmware that I write and load. I assume this is the lower level stuff like the bootloader?

And what is my “user firmware version”?

Sorry for the dumb questions.

I think I’ve got the firmware version sorted out. I just did a “particle update” and updated the firmware target - both to 0.6.1.


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