Getting 'Timed out' Error for Electron


Can someone help me with the below issues

  1. I am trying to flash my code into electron through CLI . As per the docs, i entered in to DFU mode to flash and gave the path including the bin file, but after few seconds it says
    Flash device failed: Timed out

  2. I compile my code and flashed it using desktop IDE , i get no errors and when i try to open the serial monitor to view the output , it says
    " The error was thrown from the particle-dev package. Atom is out of date: 1.19.0 installed; 1.40.0 latest. Upgrading to the latest version may fix this issue."


What host OS are you running?

It may have been easier to state the actual command you entered then just refering to the docs which we can’t know how you’ve interpreted.
Was the device actually blinking yellow?
Does your host OS recognise the DFU devices?

I’d drop Desktop IDE (aka Particle Develop) and move on to Particle Workbench.

As advised, i have uploaded my code on to Particle Workbench…web IDE. when i save and compile i get wire.h Error: No such file or directory.
I dont even see related libraries apart from onewire to add from the library list.
In one of the posts, i could see that we can replace
#include<Wire.h> to #include “application.h” to overcome the wire.h Error, but then i get even more Errors related to I2C.
is there a wire.h library to add to the code.?
I am facing the same Error issue with Desktop IDE also.
Please suggest.

Is not needed as its purpose is already satisfied by Particle.h (application.h was its predecessor).

Statements don’t give us a lot to work with. A full error log usually is much more helpful.

BTW, what do you mean by that

Particle Workbench is not the same as Web IDE.
Particle Workbench is based on VS Code and would be installed on your computer allowing for cloud and local building your project and even tweak the device OS.

Thanks a lot !
i am now able to successfully flash my code and able to view my events at console.
i commented out wire.h and it worked well.


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