Particle Electron won´t reset, still breathing

Hello, 1 hour ago, I flashed one file to my electron and then it stopped working, When I disconnect the battery and reconnect it again, stills breathing, it is like it won´t turn off and I can´t flash any other code again. Can somebody helpme pleas? Thank you very much

When you say breathing, what colour are you referring to?

Since you didn’t tell yet we assume it’s breathing magenta which would indicate your firmware was targeted to a higher version than the installed system.
Hence try with your device in DFU Mode via CLI

particle update
particle flash --usb tinker

or use the Firmware Update Manager.

Sorry for the delay. It is breathing blue (like has signal) and I tried to update it with Firmware Update Manager and I gpt a message like “Aww something went wrong” so I dont know what the problem cpuld be