Particle Electron Asset Tracker Power Issue

I admittedly put my Electron backwards on the Asset Tracker v2. And yes, I have been using the Electron for months. Long days = foolish decisions.

Now that I plug the Electron in directly, the VIN is not getting any voltage from the Electron.
I can’t even power the Electron via VIN/GND with a breadboard. I am afraid I did cook something. However I am able to power the electron via USB and Batt. I am wondering how much damage was done to the GPS Shield.

When I plug the Electron via USB. I get the normal Red LED and 5V from VIN.

Seeing as how VIN/GND ended up in C0/C1. I am surprised it would do any damage.

Maybe my brain is cooked and I am missing something. Or nothing. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

If you mean when with LiPo only, then that’s always been the case.

But these two statements don’t seem to make sense.

IIRC, the power from the USB connector goes through a protection diode to Vin and from there to the converter, so if powering via USB works, powering via Vin should work just the same.

That depends what else was connected at the time (e.g. powered via the Asset Tracker Shield terminals) and what your code did (if it was running).

Thank you. I was not running any code.

My issue was as follows:

I was using a Adafruit Li-Po Charger and using the Batt/GND pins to power VIN/GND on the Electron.
Of course this would not work.
I now am using 5v on the breadboard power rail. Works.

One very tired mind overlooks wires on the breadboard lol.
Thank you!