Availability of Electron Shields (e.g. Asset Tracker) without Electron

So I received two electrons a couple of weeks ago now and I’m just wondering If / when the shields/kits that could also be backed via Kickstarter will go one sale?

I’m planning on building a couple of cloud connected tracking devices and as such as I had planned on doing the work myself to take the idea from breadboard to PCB (currently got some DirtyPCB’s on order for a Photon project) It seems that ordering a GPS shield direct from Particle might not be a bad idea!

Does any one have any idea if there are plans to sell the shields that made up some of the more advanced Electron Kits? I know the election will start shipping for general release next month but not spotted anything about add-on’s etc…

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The plan is somewhere in march but that’s just what i heard.

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Now that the electron is on general sale, is there any plans to sell the asset tracker shield on its own?

I’ve got two electrons and fancy turning one (maybe both) of them in to connected trackers for the cars, but I don’t want to order more electrons just to get the shield.

If not I’ve found the eagle files on git hub and I could order a couple of PCBs and have a go at sourcing parts and putting it all together, I’ve designed a few PCB’s / done some home reflow before so don’t mind giving it a shot but it would be a whole lot easier to pay particle for a couple of completed shields :smiley:

I see where you offer the asset tracker kit in your store, but I already have an electron and the other the items that are listed in the asset tracker kit.

Why isn’t there an option where I can just purchase the asset tracker shield without all the other parts in the kit?

I’m also wondering if the shield is something that Particle would be willing to sell on its own, like they do with the shields for the photon.

I’ve already purchased the Electron Asset Tracker, but would like the solar charging shield as well. Where/how can I get it without purchasing another Electron? Needing this for an actual project.

Or is there a compatible solar shield?


Is it possible to buy just the asset tracker board and enclosure on its own (I already bought an Electron 2G).

hey @macdonaldtomw - we’re actually looking into this. It’s helpful to know that the community is interested in so we can incorporate them into our decision making.

I have pulled together several threads where members would like to get the shield withouth the Electron (and I’m sure there are others I missed)
Unfortunately the posts didn’t get sorted by date, so the order in which they came is “all over the place”

Maybe pinging @will would help getting some official update from Particle.


@will are you able to provide an office response on shield availability?

Hey folks! Sorry for the slow reply after a crazy week of Maker Faire prep!

For our current production of asset trackers en route to our warehouses, the Electron and the Asset Tracker Shield are already prepackaged together. Once we’ve exhausted our existing inventory, we’ll make sure to separate the shield for individual sale. We expect that to happen later this summer.


Hey everyone!! I wanted to let you all know that the Asset Tracker v2 is now available without the Electrons in our store! You can check that out here. I know this has taken a while to become available, but I’m really excited that we can offer this now!

Let me know if any of you have questions! I’ll be happy to help out!