Noob here. Dev on Photon for Electron + Asset tracker?

I’m just finding out that the Particle is the platform I want to develop on.

I’m a horrible and slow programmer but I have a somewhat complex project for the Electron with asset tracker but I’m not excited on buying 2 Electrons and 2 Asset Trackers so I can dev and debug without having to go to the perm installed Electron. Can I Develop my code on an Photon with some GPS components and have it work on the production Electron? I’d hate to get the Electron installed and have to take it in and out (or OTA) to update little changes to the code if I can can do code revision and debuging on a Photon w/gps.

I wouldn’t know why not :slight_smile:
Just keep in mind that you’ll need to conserve data/power when using the electron as opposed to the photon.

That’s how I initially worked on my asset trackers. What I did was purchase the Electron Asset Tracker kit and used a Photon on the shield. That way, the only change I really needed to worry about when it was ready was replacing the Photon with the Electron.