Electron AssetTracker No Longer Available

I realize that Particle Electron is no longer available. But my client wants a few.
What is the complementing product?

@n1849778, the complimentary products are the Boron 3G and LTE. Where are you or your client located?

Both my client and I am located in Canada, Alberta.
But does it come with the GPS shield and the enclosure?

@n1849778, there is no asset tracker “kit” for the Boron devices. In face, I don’t believe the asset tracker is available anymore.

@n1849778, I can confirm that the AssetTracker V2 kit with the Electron is no longer available.

I have a commitment with my clients to delivery X number of electrons with the GPS shield. I am wondering if the PCB layout for the Asset Tracker GPS shield can be made public as it is longer available.

@rickkas7, any thoughts?

The Eagle design files for the AssetTrackerV2 are already public:

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Also the Electron is not discontinued. The AssetTracker V2 is, but the Electron itself is still available.

Can I use the Asset Tracker GPS shield for Baron?

The Boron is not pin compatible with the Electron, so you would need to modify the AssetTracker shield PCB for the different size pinouts.

Ok Gotcha.
My client love the “air-tight/weather proof” plastic enclosure, where can I get the plastic enclosure for Asset Tracker?

The exterior dimensions of the AssetTracker v2 enclosure are 115mm x 65mm x 40mm.

This is the enclosure:


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@rickkas7 When / Could we expect EOL on the Electron? I’m still actively designing products for clients containing the Electron.

There is no EOL date for the Electron at this time.

I have a few left

meaning I have 25 or more brand new still in the box

Apart from size the Boron is larger like what you had indicated. See picture of size compariion between Boron and Electron.

Also, if I understand it well, the GPS uses RX and TX. and the electron RX and TX pins are near the USB micro connector while the Boron RX and TX pins are at the bottom.


And hence the GPS shield published in the Github is not suitable for Particle Boron as the pin layout is completely incompatible. Are these correct statement?

The Electron Asset Tracker is not physically compatible with the Boron. The pinouts are very much different.

Also you cannot plug the Boron into a classic adapter and into the Electron AssetTracker as the SPI bus to the LIS3DH accelerometer is not connected. Also, you’ll probably find that turning on the GPS by D6 will cause the nRF52 to brownout and reset. Typing D6 low does work.

There are a number of Boron-compatible GPS units. The Adafruit Ultimate GPS works great.

It also possible to build a custom board that is better suited for the Boron. I built this one that is compatible with the AssetTracker software but runs on the Boron. It uses the same u-blox MAX-M8 GPS as the Electron AssetTracker.

I like how the GPS shield (in your picture) has the SMA connector on the board.
Where can I get that GPS shield on the picture? Is it from Adafruit?
Is that board is compatible with “AssetTrackerRK” and “TinyGPS++” library?