Asset tracker shield schematics on GitHub

As the asset tracker shield isn’t likely to be available on its own until sometime in late summer I’m going to have a bash a building a couple myself.

The schematics are available on GitHub, 3 versions in total. I was just wondering if anyone from Paricle would be able to advise which revision would be best to use? From the quick look I’ve just had, it looks like versions one and two are almost the same, with the exception of the ground track modification. In version 3 the position of the GPS module etc… has changed, was this to correct any issues with early revisions or just an optimisation? Really appreciate any advice anyone can provide before I order some PCBs.


I believe it shouldn’t take that long for them to become available again. Whipping up your own might take even longer. That said, @mohit is the guy to ask, since he designed them (I believe).

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The word is that Asset Tracker kits will be available in three weeks again, but John wants an Asset Tracker shield without Electron and for that Will (I guess it was) has given an ETA of late summer 2016 (or earlier iflots of people by the stock of packaged kits ;-))

See Availability of Electron Shields (e.g. Asset Tracker) without Electron