New asset tracker documention question


We have recently purchased a new 3G asset tracker with the updated GPS shield. I can report that after a firmware update it seems to be working pretty well, we have verified the location accuracy is very good for this sort of device. My question is if there is a place where we can get the schematics for this system? Before i have my tech start hacking on it to do our hardware modifications it would help a lot to not have to trace everything out on the board. This is our first foray into the Particle world but so far it has been a fairly good experience.


Yes, Eagle schematic and board files are here:

The version you have the is v007 in the v2xx folder. That’s the currently shipping AssetTracker v2.


Thanks for the prompt response. I have poked around in the repository but have not seen any schematic PDF in there, maybe my old eyes are missing it.


The Eagle software is free for non-commercial use. You can then open the files and view both the schematics and the board layout files.


Thanks, thats more than i want to deal with, guess i will let my tech deal with it next week.