Particle Dev 1.19.0 doesn't show 0.6.3 as a build target

I’m trying to understand what’s going on here.

I had an issue with my new firmware (not connecting to cloud) after I flashed to an electron, and found that I had compiled firmware for 0.6.4, when my device has 0.6.3 on it.

I went to recompile with the correct system firmware, and it’s not a choice in the dropdown for the system version, though I see earlier and later versions.

A different project firmware file that I have in the desktop IDE does have 0.6.3 as an option.

What am I missing?

I’m running the Desktop IDE on a mac with High Seirra, and the latest version of Particle Dev.


I’ve noticed that yesterday with Web IDE too and inquired about it at Particle - waiting for a response and will report back as soon I know more.

0.6.3 seems to only exist for the Photon/P1/Core (no 0.6.4 tho’)
For the Electron 0.6.3 is missing but 0.6.4 available.

If you are targeting an Electron with 0.6.3 system, you’ll get the Default (0.6.3) option tho’
So you could build for a 0.6.3 Electron and flash to any other device.

This still seems to be true? And now we seem to have 2 release candidates as well, is 0.7final going to get skipped?

0.7.0 will be releases officially soon and will be 99.9% what 0.7.0-rc.6 already is.