0.6.1 update: device has it, yet build console insists it has 0.6.0

I have a few devices (a Core and three Photons). Others are offline, but Photon #2 is still on 0.6.0, while #3 is on 0.61 now. That said, build.particle.io says of the latter: “On the device: 0.6.0” (likewise in the new “status bar” area below the code window).

Reloaded the page and reloaded the device page and even re-flashed the code I’m working on - no change. Signal works - I’m definitely looking at the right device, and it is starred. Verified via setup mode that 0.6.1 is on the device/

So, it’s a possible bug in build.particle.io - either it’s just wrong or it’s parsing a different device when it should be showing info specific to the selected target device.

After an hour of this it seems to have decided I’m on 0.6.1 now. Not sure what the long delay was about.

I had the same issue.
I checked however the version using this approach

and it showed the correct version

I mentioned setup mode in my post - the firmware was definitely correct on the device.

In such cases the browser and/or Web IDE cache should be cleared to actually acquire the data from the cloud and not rely on old data.

I saw this too but I don’t know the root cause yet. You can flash a different app then flash back your target app to make the cloud update the firmware version on device.

It’s a little weird in another way too… normally when I update a file and click flash, it saves, rebuilds as needed and then flashes it, but it skipped the rebuild step entirely a couple of times. It got it right on something like the third try (this was after the previous issue resolved itself). Not saying they are related, but rather that there may be a more general race condition involved.