Particle Boron Unclaimed and Won't connect

I’ve activate my Boron LTE Sim, and accidently “unclaimed” my device. I followed the other directives in other posts and downloaded the CLI in order to find my Boron’s address. I have the address and tried reconnecting it via the CLI and site, but the module has been blinking green for a while. I can’t re-claim my device without it being connected to the cloud. Is there any way I can claim it directly via the computers wifi?

Otherwise I’m not sure I’ll be able to re-claim my device if it can’t connect to the wifi. Also, it was connected to the internet initially, so I’m not sure my reception is the issue.


I suppose that you changed the factory firmware, so you need to load this firmware into the device again.

You need to download this binary file of GitHub.

After this process, you can set up your device like in the first time.