Particle Boron 2G / 3G in South Africa

I started a couple of projects using the Boron 2G / 3G modules. Now I can’t get hold of these boards in South Africa. Were these units discontinued? If so, what is the alternative?

The local distributors don’t really stock these. Microrobotics has never carried the Boron for some reason.
DIY electronics do carry it, but are out of stock at the moment.

It’s still an active SKU, and works well. Stock is currently just low due to Covid’s effect on the supply chain.

I would recommend the B523/4, although nor officially supported, they work very well and the LTE is super fast.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s a shame. I really like the Boron boards. However, I did find a Lilygo TTGO T-Call V1.4 from Micro Robotics that will do the trick. But it’s not as easy to set up as the Particle boards.

A wholesale order directly from Particle would be the best approach in the current stock climate. Taxes/Shipping will be a factor though.

The TTGO is neat, but you lose out on the Particle cloud features :confused:

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