Boron support South Africa

I’ve got a couple of prototype projects that uses the Electron 3G with the Particle SIM in South Africa. It works well and I am very happy with it. I would however like to migrate over to the Boron as it seems to be the preferred device for cellular projects. There are plenty of 3G and 4G service providers with good coverage where I am located. Can anyone assist me whether the Boron 2G/3G or B Series LTE CAT1/3G/2G would work in South Africa.

If you go here and click on the Country Details tab and enter ZA in the country text field it will show you details for South Africa. You can choose the device and it will list compatibility and carriers and bands supported.

The Electron uses MTN and Vodacom.

The EtherSim Boron 2G/3G (BRN314) uses MTN, Vodacom, and Cell C.

The older Boron 2G/3G (BRN310) only used Vodacom.

The B Series SoM B524 (also Tracker SoM T524) uses MTN, Vodacom, and Cell C on 2G, 3G, and LTE Cat 1. This is the best long-term option, however at the moment South Africa is not officially supported on the B Series and Tracker SoM. It does currently work and doesn’t require any special configuration, but is not yet recommended for large fleet deployments.