Supported networks for Particle Tracker

I’m eager to order a few Tracker One devices (LTE CAT1/3G/2G (Europe) with EtherSIM).

Does anyone know if I can assume that the modem will work on South African 3G networks?

I already am using multiple Particle Boron’s on our 3G network

Hi Dirk- The Tracker Ones do work in South Africa, as long as they’re within coverage areas. In fact, my teammate @no1089 is based in South Africa and is our team’sTracker expert!

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@dirkvdl16 Yes, the Tracker 523/524 works great here in ZA - although it’s not yet officially supported. The B523/4 also work well and connect to all the major carriers. I’ve observed the units on 3G when travelling, but it’s mostly on LTE and the speed is amazing.

@Colleen :smiley: :south_africa: :partying_face:


Fantastic thank you so much @no1089 and @Colleen !


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