2.4 GHz on Boron

Hey Particle team,
I`m working on a new project to migrate my application from 3G (Electron) to 4G LTE, however, my application works with a 2.4GHz. I just realized that the Boron is based on the Nordic Chip and has the Bluetooth embedded.
Considering Boron in my new project, I will have an extra problem, due to my application works with a 2.4GHz radio TI, I will have a coexistence of 2.4GHz radio on the same board. For FCC this will be a huge headache to do the new certification. Does Particle have some module or some boron version that comes without the Bluetooth antenna assembled and with the Bluetooth deactivated?
Can the Particle team contact me to talk about an alternative to my design?

Bluetooth can be disabled in software if you are not going to use it for configuration. This may be sufficient in some cases.

You could also use the Electron LTE (ELC402, available only in the wholesale store) that can be swapped for the Electron 3G directly. Or the E Series LTE (E402) which is a Gen 2 device and does not have BLE.

Also note: All of these devices including the Boron are LTE Cat M1, the IoT subset of LTE. They are not phone-style LTE (LTE Cat 1). The Electron LTE and E Series LTE can only be used with the Particle SIM card, not with a 3rd-party SIM card. And the Particle SIM only supports LTE Cat M1 in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Thank you for your answer
Does Particle intend to launch very soon a module 4G LTE Category 4 with 3G fallback with support to AT&T or Tmobile and Verizon? In this case, Verizon is mandatory and the second carrier AT&T or Tmobile?

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