Module selection for LTE and BLE


I am interested in a BLE + LTE module that can be used in NA and EU. Boron has NRF wth LTE, but seems like it may only support NA region. The E series doesn’t seem to have BLE built in, so may be that needs to be integrated externally. Are there any suggestions for doing so? Has anyone had success with such a project?


Hi @imagiko

At this time, the only module we offer with both LTE and BLE is the Boron LTE.

All Particle LTE devices have the ability to support all LTE bands globally.
However, at this time, we only have carrier agreements for North America (Mexico, USA, Canada).

To make use of LTE outside of North America, you would require a third party SIM until Particle supports first party coverage in your region.


The Boron 3G has global coverage. The only real drawback is slightly increased power consumption.