Boron LTE and BLE

I see from the Specs that the Boron LTE has a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 and it has BLE. Do we have access to this as (BLE non Mesh). For the project I will be working on I do not need mesh but I would need BLE and LTE. I would like to use this if possible and not add another BLE chip to my solution.

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At release, the mesh devices only use BLE to configure the devices. In the near future, more BLE support will be added. Particle has only tipped its hat regarding that timeline so look for that functionality by end of Q1 2019… maybe.

This is a very high priority for the engineering folks. They understand that a lot of people (including me!) want it. I’m also hoping for eventual RFID support ;^) .


This is a feature (BLE reading advertising tokens,iBeacon) I need to finish my prototypes and start a formal test.

Any ETA?

@rem260, it is one of the top items on Particle’s todo list after device setup and mesh stability have reached a satisfactory level.