BLE Gateway + Cellular

Hi, I am looking for a BLE Gateway and LTE Modem in one device. We want to use this device to connect BLE Cards to Cloud via LTE network. Can anyone advice which model that has this feature?

Have a look at the new mesh line-up, especially the Boron.

What is the maximum number of BLE devices that can connect simultaneously to the Boron 3G?

The current version of the Boron system firmware does not support a BLE API. One will be available in the future, however. The firmware will be open-source, however, so if you needed something immediately you could directly use the nRF52840 APIs. The datasheet for that will show the various underlying BLE capabilities.

Also note that the Boron LTE is LTE Cat M1, not full LTE, so if you need high-bandwidth transfer from a large number of devices it won’t be suitable.