Connecting Mesh Device to Phone using BLE

With my project, I have been using the Redbear Duo’s BLE capabilities to connect the device to an app that I have had developed. Since the Duo is going to be terminated, and the focus seems to be on the new mesh system, I saw the need to start the transition into the mesh devices.

After ordering many mesh devices, and understanding how the system works, I’m starting to think that this will not even work in my application and I will be left stranded, and out of a lot of money.

I tried to compile my existing source code that would run on a Duo with many BLE functions and it does not compile on the mesh devices. So the BLE capabilities are closed inside of the mesh network? Is there any solution to my problem?

In summary, I am needing a device with Wifi+BLE to communicate with an app.
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The bluetooth functionality hasn’t been exposed to us end users yet. Building out the bluetooth API is on the roadmap. Just have to wait a bit longer. The Bluetooth functionality is separate from the mesh network. They share the same radio/antenna but are separate protocols.


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Is there anywhere that they mention talking about the Bluetooth API? Also, is it possible to run both protocols on the same antenna? For instance, right now I cant even see the device show up in a BLE scanning app. Hopefully, when they do release this capability they will use the same API that Redbear developed, this would make the software side a lot simpler for me.

There are many posts about this, but this was the most recent official statement I quickly found

Yes it is.

If you put your device in Listening Mode (blinking blue) you will be able to find the device via BT scanning - that’s what the Particle App does for setup.

Not an answer to that, but if they’d happen to implement an even easier set of APIs I’d be happy to rather have that and adapt a few old projects but have the ease-of-use for all future ones (e.g. I didn’t like all these hardcoded magic uuids) :wink:


To add on here – we’re hoping to turn our attention to Bluetooth APIs for Gen 3 hardware at the beginning of next year if we’re able to sufficiently resolve the stability issues that some users have been experiencing. It is at the top of our list.