Bluetooth Operations and Mesh, please sanity-check me

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I do apologize for this if it’s all obvious, but I want to make sure I understand.

If I deploy an Argon and create a mesh network, it can no longer be used for bluetooth stuff because the antenna is occupied as the mesh gateway. I could use the Argon for other things (sensor readings from the pins, etc), but not bluetooth.

If I have a Xenon that connects to a mesh network, if I want to do a BLE scan, I will need to temporarily disconnect from the mesh network, do my scan, and then reconnect quickly. This brief disconnection could potentially disrupt the mesh.

If the Non-Mesh-Gateway Xenon is attached to an Ethernet Featherwing, since it’s a different communication channel altogether, I can scan to my heart’s content because the Bluetooth antenna is not occupied. Same with a Non-Mesh-Gateway Argon that is connected via Wifi (or Boron via LTE), the Bluetooth antenna is not occupied, so free to do whatever.

Do I have all of this right?


You can use both Bluetooth + Mesh at the same time. It’s not one or the other.


Alright, thank you. Even if it’s a gateway?

Can Xenon perform Bluetooth operations while connected to the mesh?


Yes, Mesh & Bluetooth are separate functions and you can run Mesh & Bluetooth communication in your application.

That is what is happening during the setup process via the Particle App, it is using Bluetooth + MESH to get everything setup.


This is a relief. Thank you for your help!