Canada Boron LTE support with Bell?

Are there any updates on support for Boron LTE in Canada now that Bell has made their LTE-M network official? (

Thank you.

@kenmacd, I have been requesting information from Bell for months now and got nothing but crickets. As for their announcement, they do indicate " LTE-M is currently available in the Atlantic region, where LTE coverage is available, with more provinces coming soon." This basically means it will be likely next year.

I would assume that Particle will work with LTE providers in Canada for inclusion in the Particle SIM support. For 3G, that has been primarily with Rogers but they have not said a word about LTE-M support on their network as of yet. As usual, Canadians are left waiting while its duopoly of Cellular Service Providers fornicate the canine on adopting new (but relatively easy to deploy in this case) technologies.


Anybody else in Toronto/GTA? We could have a regular meetup, if there isn’t already one, that is…

I’m in Montreal! posting in case someone else is around the block…

from another hardware mesh project (from europe, so they might not have a clue) i have been repeatedly assured that telus is the way to go for lte-m. i am very skeptical about that though.


My company is very interesting in Particle with LTE CAT-M1 in Western Canada since we do remote monitoring and need the power savings of M1.

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