Will Boron work with Telus Cat M1 in Canada?

Telus recently announced the new Cat M1 band in parts of Canada specifically for IoT devices.

Will this work with the Boron LTE device?


https://github.com/botletics/SIM7000-LTE-Shield/wiki/Board-Versions (good info on LTE Cat M1)

Maybe . If you managed to get your hands on a SIM card cos the :particle: embedded SIM won’t work until they have a contract with Tells.

I’ll second the maybe, if you use a 3rd-party SIM card. At this time no one has successfully connected to the cloud with a Boron LTE using a 3rd-party SIM from a Canadian carrier. However I can’t tell if that’s because nobody has tried, or it doesn’t work.

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Canadian Boron LTE owner here (apparently I’m not a great reader! :joy: )

Just sent an email request to Telus to see if I can get my hands on a Cat M1 SIM. I’ll keep you all posted!


Thx @natedog keeping fingers crossed!

Telus got back to me with an access code allowing me to order 3 free trial SIMs, after filling out some information about my deployment. We’ll see how it goes!


Exciting news! Be sure to share it with us once you find out more!

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I guess to get the Boron devices talking to Telus LTE, you would need to program the modem with Telus’s iot APN and other details, as particle would not have this pre-programmed due to no partnership with Telus.

And then create custom connection code to connect to Telus Cat M1 network when you wish to jump onto the interwebs to post or get data etc. guessing here.

how many mb’s of data do you get with the trial sims and how long is the sim active until?


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Not really. Somehow LTE network will not require setting APN explicitly on the user modem.

You can still connect to the :particle: :cloud: here. Nothing really changed except the SIM card that is used.

@trickster The checkout page when I ordered the SIMs said 150MB total data on the trial account, but a different page I can’t find anymore said 50kb trial data per SIM… Not sure which it is, hopefully when I receive the SIMs there is some more literature with them to clarify.

SIMs arrived to my shop, have to wait until I get home to try them out. They included 3 SIMs with 50mb/month each, with a free 3 month trial period.

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@trickster @mstanley Success!

Gotta love that breathing cyan. I installed the Telus SIM and followed this, and had no problems connecting:

Am I the first in Canada to connect a Boron LTE to the cloud? :smile: :tada:


@natedog you are! Do you know what the monthly costs will be?

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@natedog wow!! this is exciting news!

thanks for posting back on your success.

well Rogers network, you have some catching up to do…


@peekay123 I’m waiting to hear back from a Telus representative, they haven’t posted their prices publicly.

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Breathing cyan is just really the beginning. You will start to understand why :particle: SIMs bring great value due to the long keepalive.

Try calling some Particle functions/variable after letting the Boron run for 30mins and see if it responds. :slight_smile:

I am interested to know Cdn wireless operator pricing for LTE IoT connectivity, until then, found some US and European pricing:



there are additional charges for Particle mesh network in addition to the internet connectivity when using the mesh networking.

@kennethlimcp, Particle’s SIM doesn’t work in Canada yet because of lack of LTE-M1 coverage. With Telus I think we can start asking Particle to make a deal with them hopefully.

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How does your post relate to LTE-M1 in Canada?

question i have for natedog is are you absolutely sure that you have a LTE Cat M1 connection established with the carrier. i have understood that these modems most of the time “connect” via a 2G or 3G protocol and the switch up to a preferred supported protocol such as LTE or in this case CAT M1. so as far as i understand it would be entirely possible to “connect” to the carrier and yet lack the advanced protocol throughput.