When will Boron LTE back in stock?

It’s all in the title :slight_smile:

Ping @kmmonk.

Actually it’s not all in the title. Which Boron 2G/3G or LTE?

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It is now (LTE).

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i think adafruit, mouser, and sparkfun carry them. you might want to check if in stock. unless you have to buy from particle.

To answer your question, the Boron LTE board (by itself) should be back in stock on March 31. The kit version (which includes a proto board, etc.) is in stock now.

C’mon, it’s only ten bucks more, and you get a special low-insertion-force protoboard and other goodies!:nerd_face:


Now that even the kit has been out of stock for quite a while, anyone know how to get a hold of Boron LTE’s or when we might expect them to be available again?