Particle Store & Boron LTE

Any reason why all the Boron LTE boards disappeared from the store? I’m getting a Page not found -
Even the legacy Boron LTE CAT-M1 doesn’t show up in the store collections.

I was able to view the available Boron LTE boards, in the store, using your link. Here is one:

that is the kit not the standalone board and it looks like they may have redirected the link now.

I felt it was not necessary to display them all. :wink:
It just so happened I was about to order a Boron LTE online when I saw your post. So, I made sure I was able to view all the products before I placed my order.

Due to supply chain issues, the retail single-unit non-kit Boron LTE is not currently available. There are still kits available. A Boron LTE without the kit parts should be available again in the future, but not for a while (months).

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