Particle Argon - connecting to WPA2 Enterprise

I am trying to connect my Particle Argon (Device OS 1.5.2) to a WPA2 Enterprise network. I am following the instructions from


I do not get the option at Cipher Type


And, thus I do not get prompted to enter Username and Password.

Might there be a newer method to connect to WPA2 Enterprise?

@Rashap, WPA2 Enterprise is not supported on Gen3 products. That link refers to the Gen2 Photon and P1 devices only.

@peekay123: Thank you for the information.

It begs the question that maybe someone at Particle can answer as to why the Gen 3 doesn’t support WPA2 Enterprise. This seems to severely handicap the Particle products in an enterprise environment.


Hey @Rashap – we have been focusing our engineering efforts on our Gen 3 cellular and Tracking platform and have deferred additional investments in Gen 3 Wi-Fi as a result. I understand that this means that the Argon may not be suitable for product deployments in enterprise environments.

Our Gen 2 Wi-Fi ecosystem (Photon / P Series) supports WPA2 Enterprise, is fully supported, and as a result may be more suitable for your application.

@Will Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. What you suggest makes sense but it a little harder in practice than you might think. I teach an Internet of Things course at Central New Mexico Community College and your Particle For Good team was generous to get me started with your Gen 3 devices. Thus, I have a curriculum and hardware around the Gen 3 devices. I do have a Boron device; however, it isn’t pragmatic for me to get cellular plans for all my students. Anyway, I do appreciate the context.