Particle app + skip authentication to get Photon on customer's wifi (failed on iPad but worked on iPhone)

Today I helped a remote customer get set up with their Photon-based device (1.5.4 rc1) by employing the iOS Particle IoT app + skip authentication method. First they downloaded the app onto their iPad (running iOS 13.5.1, I believe) and followed the instructions. The Photon SSID showed up in their wifi networks list, but after tapping on it, it refused to connect. Then, it would disappear and reappear - we attempted to tap it again and same error. At that point, I think it disappeared and wouldn’t reappear.

Luckily, they had an iPhone as well and again using the Particle app this time it connected without a hitch and we were able to successfully connect it to their wifi network. I know this isn’t an iPad vs. iPhone issue as I am able to skip authentication on my iPad and get it to work.

Does anyone have any inkling as to why this might have happened, or how to troubleshoot this if it happens again in the future? Thank you.

Can you check what version of the Particle App is running on your respective devices?
@Raimis is probably suited best to potentially answer this.

Thanks @ScruffR, I think the Particle app versions were identical as the customer downloaded both today. However, the issue wasn’t with the Particle app, but rather the iPad itself in its WiFi settings being unable to make a successful connection to the Photon as the AP while in listening mode.

Thank you for providing additional explanation. From my personal experience using iOS devices (or devices in general) - antennas get stuck once in a while. With bluetooth that happens quite often and full reboot of the device usually solves the issue. Please note that powering down using power button is more like hibernate, full reboot usually takes more button clicks and holding power button until apple logo flashes :). For example for iPhone X/11 the combination is volume-up click, volume-down click and holding power button until apple logo becomes visible.

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Thanks @Raimis! I admit we didn’t futz with it long enough to try a reboot of the device. Just to confirm, is going to iOS Settings > Shut Down and then turning the device back on (or holding power button until slide off action appears) not considered a full reboot? Sorry, I’m primarily an Android user so this is new to me.

I can’t answer with 100% certainty about Settings > Shut down, but power button reboot is definitely not a full reboot :slight_smile: To my knowledge it unloads RAM contents into the storage and then reloads that when powered on (a.k.a. hibernate). In theory full reboot should never be needed, but I usually choose to do full reboot if device starts to act funny :slight_smile:

Gotcha, thanks for the follow up!