[P1] Soldering the modules

Anyone care to share their experiences soldering the P1 modules?
Good/bad tales from doing PCBA in large quantities with the P1? Tips and/or tricks?

I seem to have a high rate of bad solder joints on my hand assembled PCBs, about 50% have at least one bad connection ( and that’s only on the pins that are in use ). It’s something that’s making me a little uneasy about kicking off a production run.

Hardware team, care to chime in?


for the P1 and P0, you can hand solder but a reflow process is definitely recommended for high success rate.

I had a question about integrating a P1 chip to a PCB with through holes actually. Are there any sockets which the P1 can fit on that can allow for easier debugging and easier installation of the chip on the board?