P1/P0 project ideas?

I was just curious what other hobbyists were planning to do with P1 or P0 chips when they are available.

I’m thinking about making a custom home automation board that would be inexpensive enough to put a copy of it in each room of my house. The board would support motion sensing, RGB LED lighting control, an IR remote interface, a bunch of random sensors, and support for controlling external electronics through MOSFETS or relays.

I’m not trying to start another thread about my project, however. Instead, I was thinking it might be beneficial for the community to have a discussion about some of the challenges and particulars of designing a project around these tiny assemblies.

My first concern I have is in regards to the P1 and getting pins 48-64 connected. If we are supposed to avoid the area under the PCB antenna for any traces, what’s a suggestion for getting these pins connected? Obviously my first though is to run a ton of vias, but that doesn’t seem like the most elegant solution.

You can probably have some vias next to the pad (on the other side of the antenna PCB trace) and connect them to these pads with copper. The underside of P1 module is clean so you can have exposed metal contacts so long they don’t touch the P1 pads.