Who has spare P1s?

Hey all - P1s are sold out, and we need a number of them fast for product delivery!

We’d love to talk to folks who have 1-25 currently that they aren’t using and are willing to part with until we can replace them (we will cover shipping and any opportunity costs). Message me for details - we’re in San Francisco.

@kmtm, I have10 available. I live in Ottawa, Canada. :grinning:


@kmtm I have 9 P1’s sitting here if you need them.

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Anyone know when they will be back in stock?

Hey folks.

We’re working very hard to accelerate the timeline in which P1s will come back in stock. The shortage is a result of an earthquake in Taiwan that destroyed a large supply of wafers back in February and has caused a global shortage of the BCM43362 chip that goes inside of our P1 modules (and many other Wi-Fi modules that leverage the same Wi-Fi chip).

We’re working with both Broadcom and USI to alleviate the issue and provide stock for product creators. If you’re a product creator, please contact sales@particle.io with your demand forecasts so that we can get you in the queue for any supply that we’re able to procure before the shortage is alleviated.

@will so what is the timeline for new stock at the moment? Any ideas?

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Any update on this? I’ve reached out to support but never got an email back.

@will - I understand that this really threw off your timeline but I’d like to know any information you have so I can relay that information to my customers. This is affecting our timeline as well.

Also, anybody have any extra laying around? I’m trying to get a small run of 20 PCBs built so I can run a hardware beta test but I only have 6 P1s. Just like @kmtm (we will cover shipping and any opportunity costs) :smile: We are looking for 15 P1s.

We are also looking for P1s (5-10 units) to deploy our beta test program, if anyone has spares to sell to us. We are a small outfit out of Boulder Colorado working in the backyard farming space. Help a farmer out! :smile:

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I will check on my end and see what I can find.

@KyleG Can you let us know when the P1’s are expected to be in stock? They have been unavailable for awhile now.

@djaiko - I have 10 P1 if you are still looking?

Ok got some information. So right now they are hoping to get more in stock late November. The reason for the long delay is that earlier this year there was an earthquake in Taiwan that set back the production of Silicon Wafers which is used in the P1s. From what I found out there is a world wide shortage on these parts which are used in many different products.


I have 6 P1s I think. Let me know if you need them. Turns out I had 4 and they are already sold.

Hello everyone!

I have a member that is looking for 10 P1s, does anyone still have any?


Wanted to follow up to make sure everyone knew that we’ve again got plenty of P1s in stock in our retail and wholesale stores!