Will the P1 come back



we have just completed developing our product witht the P1 and are about to go into production.

Now the P1 is sold out.

I know it says it’ll come back on May 31, but I wanted to confirm if that is really correct?

Will the P1 be available again?

thanks in advance,


Just an FYI, other 3rd party distributors may hold a stocks of P1. I’m not sure if that’s a valid option for you but check out DigiKey and Seeed Studios


The P1 in 10-packs is still scheduled for availability on May 31. However, the distributor angle is a good one because P1 reels are still available. I presume you don’t need 500 P1s but places like Digikey sell P1 cut tape so you can get it in smaller quantities cut off the reel.


great idea!




could you guys confirm if you are retiring the P1 ?

Its now scheduled to November and only Digikey has some left at 2x the price.

Either way is fine, but i’d just like to know if we should remake our PCBs.


Not sure about the P1 module.

But curious, what other alternatives you would be looking at if P1 is not available? Something like the X series?


these posts reminded of a thread from last november. i guess supply chain issues due to trumps trade conflict could be a factor in why there has not been product nor will be for awhile, but it does not explain the lack of clear information on a timely basis as promised in this thread.
Photon for production use??


P1s are not being discontinued. They should be back in stock around November 30.

Particle doesn’t manufacture the P1 module, so if USI does not have them available there isn’t much we can do, unfortunately.