Old photon particle-cli permission denied error


I have an old photon which I have not used in a while and I decided to give it a new function. So far so good, I got the photon connected, updated the tinker through the particle.io IDE and then I went on attempting to flash something from workbench.

Unfortunately I found that any particle-cli command sent to this specific device returns me a Permission Denied error message.

I tried to send some basic commands to the device (called pegasus :slight_smile: ) all returning me the same error:

particle flash pegasus tinker
Failed to flash pegasus: Permission Denied

particle nyan pegasus
Signaling failed: Permission Denied

I tried both MAC OS and Windows with exactly the same results, so I don’t think this is OS dependent.

I tried other particles I own and I do not get any error. Is there some kind of setting that prevent me from sending commands through the particle cli?

Just for context:

  • I just updated the CLI version (3.1.0)
  • My photon has the fw version 2.3.0

I am out of ideas, so any suggestion on how to address it are welcomed.

Have you tried particle login?

@ScruffR I did particle login and I can see the device as online.

particle list
pegasusPhoton [XXXXXXXXXXX] (Photon) is online
    int digitalread (String args)
    int digitalwrite (String args)
    int analogread (String args)
    int analogwrite (String args)
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Hmm, particle list lists the device as pegasusPhoton but in your original post you address it as pegasus only - that doesn’t match up :wink:

Ok… this is interesting. On the particle we console it showed up as pegasus. But it is true that when I do particle list it shows up as pegasusPhoton.
When I tried to flash the tinker with pegasusPhoton it worked…

particle flash pegasusPhoton tinker
attempting to flash firmware to your device pegasusPhoton
Flash device OK: Update started

Flash success!

I think I will un-claim and claim this device again just to see if this fixes the issue on the particle console…

Thank you!

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You should not unclaim and reclaim the device - this usually produces more problems than it solve.
You can just rename the device.

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