No status light on E402KIT

When trying to set this up and activate I initiall had status light flashing when trying to get it in DFU mode, but now these light do not come on at all. Battery and USB are connected, but I have not been able to upgrade the FW

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?

When you power up the device you don’t see any RGB LED activity?
Do you see the D7 LED (providing you have one attached)?

If no RGB but dim D7 then your bootloader may be corrupted.

Correct. The only light I see is the red between the USB and battery port.
How do I fix a corrupt bootloader?

If the D7 is not dimly lit, it’s probably not a blown bootloader. The red LED is the charging / battery not present indicator.

Is this board brand new, or has it been set up before?

It’s new

Please file a support ticket for this and we’ll take care of you.

I did, ticket ID is 74434, but have not heard back, so that’s why I’m on the forum.

Hi landerson,

Thanks for reaching out. I do see your ticket in the support queue. Unfortunately, our support queue is experiencing high volume at the moment and some requests are taking longer than normal to process.

In regards to your issue, I’m not seeing a lot of additional information beyond the light not coming on. I do see you’re using the battery.

For the USB cable, are you using a USB connection to a computer? The cable you are using, is it the Particle provided one?

Some computer USB ports may not provide sufficient power. Just to see if it powers on, could you try connecting your device to a “wall-wart” style connector (be sure to include the battery as well).

And to confirm, you are not seeing a dim light near the D7 pin on your device, correct?

I have tried several different power sources.
And yes, no light near the D7.

Hi landersson,

Thanks for that info.

It’s odd to have a device with no responsiveness like that. I’ve followed up with you on your ticket to see about getting a replacement out your way.

Sorry about the delay on this. Thanks for being patient.

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