No USB nor WIFI access cant get to safe mode

I somehow messed up my particle proton. All I get is the blue D7 led on. Pressing either the SETUP or RESET or both has no effect. I installed proton on both a windows machine and a liinux machine and entered particle device doctor both responded with

Connect a Particle device to a USB port and run the command again.

I tried it with different USB cables and different USB port. Results always the same: D7 blue led on.
No indication of the photon in the device table.

What next? Is there a pin I can short to for a factory reset?

Are you able to put the photon into dfu mode?

I cant get it to enter dfu mode, the buttons have no effect.

You should create a support ticket for Dim D7 LED. The problem is that your bootloader flash was erased or corrupted. It can be fixed using SWD/JTAG (or sometimes with
Embedded SWD) but if not we can replace it.


I created a support ticket. I looked at Embedded SWD but it seems way over my head. What is the full URL for the picture of how to wire up the two protons?