Corrupted Bootloader

Hello we are happy to see 1.0.0 of particle electron firmware.
but we have more than 100 devices in production so we updated our devices step by step to 1.0.0 10 devices and 3 of them corrupted bootloader after 24hrs. We flashed bootloader again and it got corrupted in 24 hrs.
Please help

@ParticleD, or @mstanley are you able to assist?


Can you list the exact commands you used to update to 1.0.0, and the order in which you performed them?

Home this helps.

for one device which already had 0.7.0 firmware. we compile our firmware with 1.0.0 and then release from production. so whole firmware got updated from OTA (including our firmware+1.0.0).

and for other devices which were fresh so we did po dfu open and then “particle update”. to 1.0.0

EDIT: i need to mention that these are working devices for several months with 0.7.0 and all were working well in 0.7.0 but when we see that particle has released 1.0.0 with stable release then and then we release from our end to our production batch.
so there is no such problem with pcbs because all are working production batch which already shipped to customers

Hi Oizon,

I’m still a little confused as to the exact state they are in. You mention the bootloader is corrupted. That typically is indicated by a dim d7 light and no response from the RGB LED. Just to confirm, is this what you are seeing?

yes that’s what i am seeing

Hi @Oizom_dev, my apologies on getting back to you on this. If you haven’t already, please file a support ticket at , noting your device type and that it is experiencing the dim D7 light issue.