Do I have corrupted bootloader?

I have been using a particle photon for the past several months for a college project. Today it stopped working. I think the photon might have lost power while I was pushing code to it, and that might have been the cause of the error. Now when I power it, the main light doesn’t come on and only the D7 LED comes on. I also cannot get it to respond to any commands over wifi, and it doesn’t show as a connected device when I plug it into my computer. Judging from this article I might have a corrupted bootloader. This sounds like a pretty worst case scenario, ss there anything else that could be causing this? Also, if my bootloader is corrupted, is there any way to fix it without extra equipment?

Your issue sounds like this:

If the D7 is only lit dimly then I believe you have to fix using JTAG.

Or with another Photon:

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@peekay123 Thanks for the recommendation, I seem to be close to making that method work. But I still have problems, so I’ll see if anyone can help with them.
I do have another photon I can use to flash the boot code with. I followed the directions here and flashed the Norwegian Blue code onto the working photon. Then I wired together the working photon with the dead photon like this. (I desoldered everything from the dead photon, so none of the rest of the circuit should be interfering with it.)

Then I plugged the working photon into my computer (technically a school computer, but w/e) with a usb cord. I can see the working photon with the photon CLI, so the connection should be working. Then I used putty to connect to the working photon. I can open a connection with the photon, however, when I tell it to flash the boot code to the dead photon, I always get this error. Does anyone know what the fix would be to this error? Thanks.