Newbie question; Boron 2G/3G in the UK

Hi All,

I bought some Particle kit when I was in the Netherlands a few years ago. Now I am in the UK. It has sat in a box since. Now I have a need for a Particle solution so I got it out of the box and plugged it in.

I paired it with my phone and updated the firmware. Now it is trying to connect to the cellular network and the phone app is telling me Error - SIM activation is taking longer than expected. It is flashing blue and presumably charging its big battery.

If I leave it running, is it likely to connect eventually? My home has no Vodafone coverage at all but good coverage from all the other networks. Should I take it to the office, which has good coverage from all networks?

Thanks in advance,


Looking at this Boron, and the box it came in. It is BRN310KIT.

Does it require a SIM card? If so, how might I get one?



The SIM activation for an inactive Boron BRN310 or BRN402 can take minutes, hours, or even a day or longer. It should connect eventually.

The BRN310 comes with a built-in Particle SIM and does not require an external SIM card. If you want to use a 3rd-party SIM card the slot is available, but the Boron functions normally without one.

Thanks for the reply. Should I just leave it powered up?

I have had the Boron powered up, with the antenna and battery plugged in, for six days now. I still get the error when I try to activate it.

Is there anything else I should do?