New Boron unable to connect to internet via cellular

I have a brand new Boron LTE that I am setting up. The device did pair and it ran some updates. Now I am on the screen that says:

Activating Particle SIM
Connecting ot the Internet via Cellular
Starting a secure session with the particle device cloud.

Mine is stuck on Connecting to the internet via cellular and the Boron is fast blinking green.

I have exited out anr re-ran the setup, and got stuck at the same point twice now. If I log into the cloud interface on my computer, I do not see the new device listed yet.

I am in an area with good cellular coverage and have other Boron units that are working fine.


Sorry for the question, but have you attached the cell antenna to the correct uFL connector?

@tremmert, where are you located as LTE using the Particle SIM is only supported in the USA? Otherwise, you will need to use a 3rd party SIM.

Thanks for the replies… Yes, the antenna is connected properly, and I am located in Austin, Tx. As mentioned, I have several other units that work just fine.

Anyway, it looks like the unit activated overnight. Not sure why it took so long, but I just left it alone and went to bed. All is well now and I am communicating with the device.

If anyone experiences this, just leave the unit ON for 12 hrs and see if it will connect to the cloud…


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For some reason, LTE Cat M1 SIM activation can take hours. This is under investigation; clearly that’s not a good thing at all.


Same problem here. I am setting up 20 Boron LTE and the 12th one is stuck at the cyan flashing. I plugged it in and left it. The 13th device setup successfully. I will check on the 12th tomorrow… Thanks for the delayed activation insight.

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This is frustrating to wait for a long time and the screen is loading forever to setup boron for the first time.

Folks, I misspoke above. I keep forgetting that all LTE/Gen 3 devices that have SIMs now come with them pre-activated from the standpoint of the MVNO (this does not mean that they’re considered activated from the standpoint of the Particle Console / cloud API / etc.). That was done a while back (I don’t know exactly when) specifically to work around what did used to be long activation times. I have still heard of instances where the activation process (via the API that we use with our MVNO partners) can still time out, but I don’t know why that happens.

In my case, just to take the whole Bluetooth LE connnection aspect out of the device setup equation, I prefer to use to activate the SIM, and then use CLI (the Web IDE will work too) to claim the device to my account once the device is breathing cyan.

Particle boron is connecting to internet via cellular is taking hours and loading forever.I’m from India and does Indian network sim cards work at all for particle?