Boron not connecting properly (plus some mesh questions)

Hello I have received my Ultimate Mesh kit last week and updated the firmware to 1.4.0 on all devices but my Boron just keeps doing a loop in the cyan mode as if it is updating.

I have left the unit on for over 24 hrs total and it hasnt completed the update yet.

Initially with firmware 1.1.0 everything was working.

Should i DFU the update ?

@DevIoTCanada, if the Boron was still updating, I would it expect it to be showing magenta and not cyan. It may be a good idea to do a particle update via DFU to see if it reconnects as expected. You may also want to flash Tinker to it to eliminate any possible firmware issues that may have cropped up do to updating from DeviceOS 1.1.0.

Well know i got an email from particle that it used 4.5 mb of cellular usage just try updating while it was connected to my wifi. Darn i got to fix this one quick!

What device are you talking about? There is no Particle device that has both callular and WiFi connection on board :confused:
The Boron has only cellular unless you plug it into the EtherWing and then you won’t be using WiFi either.

I was setting up the whole kit had the xenons updated, then the argon, i connected them as my mesh and confirmed they comunicated together then i added the boron, i was under the impression the argon was acting as an AP point for the boron…i guess i got a lot more reading to do…

How did you add the Boron to the mesh?
By default you cannot have two gateway devices on the same mesh network (this is a planned, payed feature for High Availability Networks).

By WiFi i actually meant Bluetooth …sorry for that one …my WiFi/Bluetooth board have the same name just different device id’s.

Ok I first setup all 3 Xenons, Then setup my Argon (it is used to mesure some sensors also) and act as my gateway for the Xenons whom also have sensors.
When they all communicated properly I then setup Boron to act as a backup transfer device in case of a power failure.

My project consists of 4 farms that are in a remote location but the physical farms are all close one to an other, in Farm1 their is an office with a WiFi connection and Bluetooth and acts as my main comm point with the Argon, Farm2, Farm3 and Farm4 have the Xenons and communicate back to Farm1

(Btw i am monitoring Powerline AC 220/110, Oxygen, Methane and co2 and eventually backup battery power status) in the event of a power failure ( when the onsite power generator does not start ) i must be able to maintain monitoring of the sensors and this is where the Boron kicks in; it will continue to transmit data upon a power loss to advise the owner has so many minutes to start up his generator to supply fresh air to the herd or else they will suffocate within 30 minutes.

I am trying know to configure an IFTT event to communicate the emergency directly to the farmers cell phone.

This Boron is not connected to the mesh network I assume, right?

BTW, how far from the Argon do you intend to place your Xenons?

I will refire up my mesh and see the behavior ( my Boron is not up to date 1.4.0 )

I have located them all within 50 meters of each other,

Currently i am testing them here in my office.

Want bear a few minutes till i fire them up ?

50 meters may be a stretch without directional antennae.

I have split off this discussion from the other thread in order to not hijack the other members thread.

I am using antenna sourced from alliexpress 2.4ghz for external use my boards will be in wetproof location electrical boxes

Do you have acess to my console ?

Ok good idea

Nope - I’m not a Particle employee so I have no access to your logs (and AFAICT even employees wouldn’t have access to your console directly).

Ok i thought you where part of Particle staff

Currently i can see and receive data from the 3 Xenons and the Argon, i just have to relocate the Boron

Gimme a minute

Where can you see that and how is that data sent?

Directly in the console events, i am watching it real time