Boron 3G stuck in setup

I have a Boron 3G which was set up with firmware which has been stable on other devices, however when I tried to get it connected at the field site it would not connect. Through a few trouble shooting steps I did a factory reset. Now it is stuck in listening mode (blinking blue) when I try to set it up with the app I get to the option to set up in a Mesh network or not. I click not, get the spinning particle icon for a minute or two then back to the same screen of selecting Mesh network or no mesh network. Neither button does anything. Canceling out of set up does not help. Device still blinking blue. I can’t get the device ID. The serial terminal times out in VS Code. I can and have put it in DFU and used particle update with success. Also, particle flash --usb tinker works.

Problem is each just reverts device back to blinking blue. In the particle console I have a “mystery” device with a ICCID but no Device ID or Device Name.

Help. Please.

I’ve updated the CLI, uninstalled and reinstalled the Particle App, and powered cycled everything I could think of.

Many thanks.