Boron Flashing Blue

Hi All,
I have a problem Boron - it’s flashing blue as if in listening mode.
I can get info from Particle identify no problem.
I can use Particle update, and it says that it’s OK. I can see the new version when I use particle identify.
If I use Particle flash Tinker, it says that it successfully flashed and returns to flashing blue.
After all these things, if I power off and back on, or use the reset button, it gives me a single white flash then goes to blinking blue. It never appears to try to connect to Cellular.
What Can I do next??

Try to run “particle usb setup-done” command to set the setup done flag. I think you can also re-claim it via the app and that process does the same thing but you can execute that via the CLI as well. I do this when setting up new devices.

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You da Man!

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