Cannot Setup 2G/3G Boron

Hi there,

I received my Boron last week and unpacked it followed the setup guide and it worked connected to the cloud platform great, until Monday I arrived back into the office after the weekend and the Boron was flashing white so I pressed the reset button and it started up and went flashing green and never connected. So I left it until Tuesday and still flashing green so I completed the setup guide again and removed the device from the phone app(probably not a good idea) and below are my results this morning Wednesday. i am designing a gateway with the Boron at the heart of it and now I am stuck.

This morning i have completed the following steps:

  • particle update

  • particle flash --usb tinker

  • particle identify

  • It defaults to the external SIM so I inserted one even though I registered the Particle SIM and it worked fine for a week


  • Boron stays flashing blue at this point

  • I go to the app and pair the Boron and it pairs

  • I select “NO, DON’T USE IN MESH” and I get the following error after about 15-20 seconds “Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue”

What should I do next?