New sales category?

Continuing the discussion from Submitted request to sales multiple times with no answer:

Hi Marek, Will,
@marekparticle @will

I observe or hear about situations like this one above every now and then.
I imagine also that there could potentially be some other cases that may be lost in the ether forever.

Do you think is wise to open a category for Sales or something? I imagine few topics would not be able to be discussed in the open, but others might.

PS: FYI @waterguynv


Thanks for raising this issue @gusgonnet - we’re aware of this issue and are working to improve our documentation (e.g. “how to get in contact with us”) and ensure that our messaging pipelines are functioning properly. I’ve started tracking lost requests this week and am gathering data about any missing links in the Sales contact process.

For the record, if someone is having trouble getting in contact with us they are more than welcome to create a ticket at As I work to improve the support portal, I will likely include a ticket submission category for precisely this need. I’ll also be creating some templating for Community Forum posting that will direct folks accordingly.

Happy to get Will’s perspective of course if he believes such a category is advantageous!