New Particle SIM Cards - Beta Testing Needed!

Hello wonderful community!

Do you love testing out new things to see if they break?

Do you love telling us how you think we can fix things?

Do you currently have an Electron?

Are you willing to give us some great feedback?

If you answered yes to these questions, Particle would love to have you as a beta tester for our new SIM cards. Particle is expanding our carrier list and we’re looking for some awesome people (admit it, you know you’re awesome) to run some tests on our brand new SIM cards!

But Kevin, I live in Romania… can I still join? You betcha!

We want to make sure our new SIM cards work internationally, so if you’re not based in the USA, that’s perfectly okay!

Well I am based in the USA, do you even want me? Of course we do!

The US is big. Very big. So even if you’re based in the US, chances are that you’ll be somewhere that we need testing.

Well alright then! If I sign up, am I guaranteed to be a beta tester? As much as we’d like to guarantee things like this, we simply can’t.

We’ll do our best to try to include everyone, but there’s lots of variables, so thanks in advance for your patience with us.

If you ARE selected, you’ll get an email from us soon with instructions on testing as well as tracking info for your SIM.
If you’re not, I’ll still email you so you’re not on the edge of your seat, constantly pushing F5.

If you’ve made it this far, you rock. Here’s the form for you to sign up!



I signed up, and have a few Electron apps that are using good amounts of cellular data while moving around the city.

Are the cards going to be loaded with a certain amount of data?

Any chance Verizon is in that list?
I’m working on a LARGE Industrial Project. They have Verizon Infrastructure installed throughout the Plant.
AT&T service is very poor.

I have signed up as well. If you are interested, I will be in Indonesia for a week then Japan for a week next month. Happy to get you some international data points.


Unfortunately, I believe these new SIM’s will run on T-Mobile mainly, with AT&T as it’s fallback (in the USA), but it’s possible in the future we may have something that will work on Verizon’s network.

That would be great, do you have the U270 (international) or G350 (2G) version of the Electron?

Remember that the Electron is 2G/3G (GSM), so to support Verizon (CDMA) we would need to build and introduce an entirely new SKU.

We are looking at adding Verizon to the supported carrier list when we transition our hardware portfolio to new LTE technologies in the future.

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They’ll be like our normal SIM cards and have 1MB of data per month during the duration of the beta.

After which, they’ll be switched off when the beta closes. From then, the SIM will be yours, which means you can activate it on your own account like our existing SIM cards, display it in a nice decorative frame, use it as a surf board for ants, or even stage a battle royal with all of your other SIM cards to see who will reign supreme. Up to you!
¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯


Will there be any changes to the utilized Canadian carriers? The current network is Rogers which is generally quite good, however the Telus/Bell network provides better service in northern areas of western Canada.

Are these the spiffy new high temperature ranged cards?


I have the 3G-U260. If you want to send me a loaner for the trip, I would be happy to return it when I get home.



That’s a great question! I’m not 100% sure of which carriers will be in Canada. I know in the US, it’s mostly T-Mobile with fall-back to AT&T. @will, do we have an international carrier list that we could provide for this?

I’ll see what I can do!

I am based in Italy, willing to test one! I am currently using two electrons, and the coverage is fairly poor with the existing carrier…ideal carrier to switch is TIM…any plan?

I signed up!

I have the 3G-U260. I hope this beta goes well!

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I have a dozen Electron 3G AUS/US devices, which I am running some field testing with. Let me know if you need a beta tester for Australia.

I have U270 and I am in Indonesia. Thanks

Definitely! Please sign up if you haven’t already

awesome! Hope you signed up!