New Electron Initiation

Need assistance… Just received my replacement Electron for the one where the external power supply input had failed. It worked with the battery. I used the SIM chip from the failed unit (I know it works)into the replacement and it is breathing blue however the issue is that I cannot get my Tinker app to ‘connect’ with the new Electron. To save me time can someone guide me for the set up?

Method 1

If you have not done so already, please install the Particle CLI. The command line utilities are useful not only for solving this problem but will be valuable later on, as well.

If you are using Windows, be sure to use the link to Windows CLI Installer that will automatically install all of the components instead of the more complicated manual install.

Put the Electron into Listening mode (blinking blue) by holding down SETUP until it blinks blue. Then issue the CLI command:

particle serial identify

Save the Device ID; you’ll need it next.

Reset the Electron and wait for it to breathe cyan. The next step won’t succeed until it’s breathing cyan. Then issue the command:

particle device add YOUR_DEVICE_ID

Method 2

If you don’t want to install the CLI now, you can use one of the techniques in this document for finding your device ID:

Once you know it, you can go to Select the Devices icon (circle with 4 lines) and use the Add Device link to add the device. The Electron must be in breathing cyan mode and then use the Device ID you obtained earlier and enter it into the box.