Can't register electron

I’m trying to setup an Electron - I went through the steps at, putting in the SIM number, and after that it brought me to the screen where I could enter code. However, the Electron was still flashing that it couldn’t connect to the network. It did this for a few hours. I was in a basement so when I went out to run some errands I brought it with me. It eventually connected but I still don’t see it listed as a device.

If I run “particle serial list” it shows it: “Found 1 device connected via serial…”. But if I do “particle serial identify” it says “serial timed out”. Searching the forums I found suggestions to update the firmware (which I did) and to connect via PuTTY. I’m on Mac so I did “screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1411 9600”. This connects but I don’t get any output.

Is there anything else I should try? It’s been pulsing cyan for over 12 hours now without registering as a device.


If the device is breathing Cyan it should have a cloud connection. Try placing it in listening mode (by holding setup for ~4 seconds until it blinks dark blue), then try particle identify. Should that work, copy the deviceID. Then, reset the Electron and wait for it t reconnect to the cloud (breathing cyan). Then call particle device add [deviceID] to claim it to your account, provided you were logged in to the CLI already.

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That’s probably due to the fact that the default firmware is Tinker which doesn’t print anything to serial.

Once you have claimed your device you can try and click your device to see the exposed functions (e.g. digitalWrite if your device is running Tinker)

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That worked perfectly, thank you!

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So your device is registered now, and up and running?

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