Monitor One Configure Fleet Error for devices in product

When I select "configure fleet" in console (for a product in growth), I get this.
It is the same for all devices in my product. If I move device to sandbox, it works correctly????

The most likely cause is that at some point in a time, a Tracker One device came online in the Monitor One organization product. The Tracker One has the rgb panel for the RGB LED controls; the Monitor One does not.

The error isn't particularly harmful as the devices will continue to function. The solution is to get the rgb configuration removed from all device configurations, but this can be a little tricky bceause it sometimes comes back if the configuration is still stored locally on the device.

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Thank you for your reply.
However, I do not own any tracker (only monitor one) devices, that rules that idea out. Secondly, any changes I try to commit to my fleet aren’t enacted, like the save button does not work. Only way I can make changes is to mark each device for development or move them to sandbox product.

I’ve tried removing all devices from my product, deleting product and starting over to no avail. Also tried updating schema.

Another observation I have, when I switch to sandbox / product / fleet settings I get the same RGB warning and nothing will commit. If I refresh the browser (edge or chrome) the warning is gone and changes will commit. Issue will not go away if I refresh browser when in organization product.

This issue has been resolved, it went away one day. Thanks to Particle team if it was you.

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