M-Bus (Meter-Bus)

Is there some one that have manage to connect to M-Bus (Meter-Bus)?

Is this type of question in the wrong category?

@fotoKrille, the category is fine. It’s just that no one may be familiar with the M-Bus! Is there an Arduino library available?

I didn’t know M-Bus, but I found this: https://github.com/gcanitezer/Mbus

What kind of project requires to use such a protocol?

if i am not wrong it is a Master/Slave Bus system for measurements of electricity (Water, gas) usage in households. (externally)

Thats is right, i think thats is odd that there is no lib for it.

Isn’t there?

But the reason why there is no Particle port yet, is that there was no call for it - as the original lack of responses to your first post shows.
After all its a protocol with limited (non-global) use and it needs extra external circuitry which limits its attractiveness for porters who don’t really need it for their own projects.
I guess there are not nearly as many people into IoT and Particle over here in Europe as there are in the US.
I hope this’ll change soon tho’ :sunglasses:

However have a look at the Arduino lib and give porting it yourself a try - it’s not that difficult, and if you get stuck, the community can usually assist.

Nice, I thought it was too mbus not meter-bus but i was wrong.
It makes me surprised when many involved in energy measurement, etc., and m-bus is quite a common standard for collecting that data. But i will try to port i over.

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Hi @fotoKrille, I am also considering to collect energy transport data between 3 boilers in our multiple household heating system, using M-bus.

I am interested to hear if you have already tested something with the arduino library, ported to Particle or not…

Here is the heat power meter we are considering to integrate:


It also has a pulse output, which I can use as an alternative if M-bus turns out to be too complex for Particle…
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Any success with this yet?