Particle ModbusMaster Library with two slaves

Hi, starting from the posts contained on this thread i begun to communicate with one Modbus RTU “slave” from a Photon working as “master”.
All was working well but now in the bus i have two “slaves” (with different id) and when i try to communicate with they i can’t find a correct way (the firmare is compiled correctly but when it starts on the Photon the onboard led begin to blink red ) .
At this point i was asking to me if it could be really possible to use the library for communicate with two or more slaves in the same bus.
Do you have meet same problems or found a correct way to mange two slaves in the same RTU Modbus with Particle ModbusMaster Library? Any suggestions will be welcome! Thanks.

In order to prevent double posting and thread fragmentation I removed your double post from the original thread.