I started yesterday with particle photon and ported my Autosampler code quite easily

I ported my code for this unit and it runs fine. It runs a sequence for these pumps and valves, and manipulates the lights; It also parses a serial string for the remote analyzer… I am trying to decide on a hard Ethernet bridge option to go with the wireless photon. I want to make it into a bridge for other non wireless devices e.g. another project talking MODBUS TCP. The other happens to be a Mega2560 as was this project before porting. I used to use mudbus for the arduino and I know that there is a mudbus wifi library. Has anyone used it on particle???

I did use the neopixel library and did get the Sparkfun 7 segment ( Arduino I2C slave) i also have a nano I2c slave running the pumps. I guess I could slave the mega too just for the hard MODBUS port W5100.